The Magic Show Must Go On-line: LIVE-streaming!


Virtual Magician, The Amazing Gary, streams LIVE magic shows to desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones via Zoom videoconferencing!

The Amazing Gary's Virtual Magic Show is a fun and interactive online magical experience. Gary's lifetime experience as magician, actor, and improvisational comedian gives him the skills to create a truly fun interactive comedy magic show that gets everyone, from children, to teens, to adults, involved and laughing.

Invite Gary to virtually appear in your home. Watch as your family and friends, whether children, teens or adults, help perform some special magic tricks "virtually". Any playing card, named by your family and friends, appears in Gary's pocket, in the most unusual of conditions! Gary magically transforms into a masked super hero chosen by the guest of honor! And when Gary introduces the Mind-reading Goose, who then proceeds to reads the minds of the audience at home, your guests will be laughing and scratching their heads wondering how they did it.

The Amazing Gary performs his top-rated Virtual Magic Show for children, teens, and/or adults, LIVE, from his home studio, to the comfort and safety of your home, anywhere in the world!

A family in their living room, watching pre-recorded personalized virtual Magic Show!


A pre-recorded personalized magic show video to download and watch whenever you want.

A family gathered around a laptop, participates in a LIVE virtual magic show via video chat!


A LIVE magic show performed via video call from my home studio to you and your family at home.

Family and friends participate in a LIVE magic show via a Zoom videoconference call!


A LIVE magic show performed via group video conferencing call with all of your friends and family.

Children sitting on the floor, laughing and smiling, during a birthday party magic show.


FUN for Audiences of ALL AGES!

 Amazing Magic!
 Hilarious Comedy!
 Lots of Audience Participation!

For well over two decades, The Amazing Gary has entertained thousands at private parties and public events locally. Now, the comedy magician has adapted his amazing comedy magic show, to create a LIVE streaming, virtual magic show available to audiences worldwide.

The Amazing Gary's magic has always been an interactive, hands-on, person-to-person entertainment that connects family and friends at get-togethers and special events. Now, this same magic is once again connecting people from the comfort and safety of their own homes via the internet.

Like in his in-person LIVE performances, his virtual magic shows feature amazing magic and mind-reading, hilarious comedy, and lots of audience interaction in which he encourages everyone at home to get in on the act by picking a card, choosing a color, naming an animal, and more!


*Show content varies with different material for


The mind-reading goose reads minds during a LIVE online magic show!

Lucy the goose reads the minds of members of the audience!


Magician performs a virtual card trick during a video conference call!

A volunteer from the home audience names any playing card.
The chosen card appears in the magician's pocket
in the most unusual of conditions!


The magician performs a magic trick with a balloon animal during a virtual magic show!

A balloon animal
performs a series of hilarious tricks,
is destroyed, then magically restored!


The magician transforms into a super hero during an online interactive magic show!

The magician magically transforms into a super hero chosen by a member of the audience!


A member of the audience appears virtually dressed in a magician's tux and performs some magic!

A member of the audience appears virtually dressed in a magician's tux
and performs some amazingly funny magic tricks.


Show content varies with different material for


ADD the following to the
to create your own special


Kids learn a card trick from a real live magician during a video chat.

The Amazing Gary teaches your virtual party guests a simple yet Amazing Magic Trick* that they will be performing moments after learning.†

*Recommended for Ages 6 and Older.

†A deck of cards is required for each participant.

Adults and children laugh and smile during a family friendly comedy magic show performed live via Zoom video call!

5 Star Rating

"Thank you for a terrific magic show. It was everything we hoped for. The kids and adults both enjoyed it a lot."

Eric P.

"We had Gary perform his magic show at our son's recent birthday party. All of the kids (ages 2-12) enjoyed his magic show and adults as well were impressed and entertained too! He was the hit of the party and would highly recommend him."

Joan M.

"We thoroughly enjoyed Gary's Magic Show! The kids absolutely loved him! He was great with the children and put on a fantastic magic show. Highly recommend him."

Margie M.

"Gary was spectacular at our kids' birthday party! Everyone there, both young and old, were impressed and truly entertained!"

Jacqueline S.

"You did such a great magic show for my daughter's party, my son wants you to come back for his!"

Angela O.

"The parents enjoyed the magic show as much as the children!"

Cheryl F.

"I liked the magic show alot! Thank you for the balloon dog. And thank you for the magic trick! I liked all the magic tricks!"


"The magic show was Great! Both Kids and Parents Loved it! We all had so much fun!"

Pat & Carter M.

"Thank you so very much for the great magic show at Alexander's birthday. He had such a great time and is already asking if you can come back for his next birthday!!! The kids and parents really enjoyed your performance!"

Christina S.

"Just a note to say how much we enjoyed The Amazing Gary at our holiday party. He was able to engage the whole group and made us all laugh. He helped to make the event a success."

Barb L.

"It was great working with Gary! The guests really enjoyed his performance. Thanks again!"

Jenny A.

"Gary's performance was a real crowd-pleaser. His magic was delightful. Gary had the crowd gathered around him throughout the event. The great participatory tricks instantly loosened up our crowd and got them mingling. His sleight of hand had everyone in attendance mesmerized."

"The Auxiliary Board highly recommends 'The Amazing Gary' and will definitely be using him for future events. He was an integral part of creating two successful charity events."

Nicole H.

"Your magic show was just delightful. The magical tricks and your wonderful humor were truly enjoyed by all."

La Verne R.

"Thank you for the wonderful magic show!"

Bridget L.

"It was a pleasure having you at our "Take Our Children To Work" event. With over 150 children here that day, knowing that you would keep them interested, entertained, and pleased with their visit was terrific."

Kerry A.

"I just wanted to personally thank you for a great performance. The show was a hit. And the kids loved the balloon making aspect as well. Thank you again!!!"

Yasmeen S.

"The magic show that you did for our son's birthday was wonderful! Both kids and parents alike really enjoyed your magic tricks and humor. We would highly recommend you to anyone looking to organize a birthday or similar event."

Xavier M.

"Thanks for making Jacob's birthday party so memorable. You somehow managed to keep 16 boys calm, attentive and entertained - a trick in itself!! He's still talking about all the cool tricks you did, and he and his friends loved the balloon swords you made them. It was a great day in large part to you! Thanks again!"

Viktoriya S.

"Thank you so much for Anton's Birthday Party. It was so entertaining for both kids and adults. You were great! Thank you so much for a very good job!"

Kim F.

"I just wanted to let you know that we loved the performance! We all had a great time. The kids had a blast and the grown-ups were really impressed. Thank you so much!"

Rachael G.


Children sitting on the floor, laughing and smiling, watching a LIVE in-person magic show performance.

There's a famous saying in the entertainment industry: The Show Must Go On. And that's what The Amazing Gary is doing now, with his new Virtual Magic Shows, just as he has been doing since his first in-person LIVE performance over 20 years ago.

Gary believes that "As magicians,we are privileged to be able to help people connect, have fun, and experience something magical. And if there ever was a time for magic ... it's now."

Now you can help share the magic with the important people in your life by contacting Gary today to schedule your custom live-streaming virtual magic show. Then watch as family and friends meet up digitally and participate in this exciting new world of comedy magic entertainment.